Do you know your role as a husband

A woman once said, Every man needs a wife because many things go wrong in life that he can’t blame on the government.” Jokes like that are common today. While they provide most of us with a good laugh, they subtly speak of a sad reality in many homes – that men are do not know the role of the husband and their not leaders and examples of Godly conduct that their families and communities need.

It has been estimated that men make up:

  • 99% of those sitting on death row,
  • 95% of those filling all other prison beds
  • 90% of those responsible for child and spouse abuse
  • 98% of those wanted as drug dealers
  • 91%  of those convicted of drunken driving
  • 75%  of those who cause traffic accidents

Those statistics are startling and tragic! when one thinks of destruction shed abroad by the hand of mankind, it is easy to become cynical and contemplate becoming a card-carrying member of a feminist organization.

There is, however, a hidden reality these statistics point to that can produce hope.  That is the power that many men use for evil, conversely, is capable of profound good. We man must understand the role of a husband and the awesome power given to us that can be harnessed and used in the manner designed by our Creator.

God has given the husband and the wife roles that after different but equal. He has no superiority; she has no inferiority (check out Gods Blueprint). Galatians 3:28 says the different roles of headship and submission are purely functional and ordained by a loving ,wise God.

One might wonder what the role of the husband and wife are and why they have different roles. If the husband and wife are truly equal,  why was it that God chose different roles for them?  Was it merely arbitrary, or was there good reason for each to be assigned the role given them?

Answers for these questions exist and are found in Genesis 3.

Pastor Kirt Eure